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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  May 31, 2010 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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international condemnation as boats had for gaza. >> the intent of the organizers was violent. their method was violent. the results, unfortunately, was violent. >> an international response as the european union -- european union holds a special session of the security council. angry outbursts in turkey have many citizens struggling to hold protesters of thought of the consulate in istanbul. back to the drawing board for bp, engineers take another approach at containing the massive oil leak in the gulf of mexico. is this a breakthrough for breast cancer? scientists in america are working on a new treatment.
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hello. the international backlash against israel is growing following a violent confrontation at sea leaving at least 19 people dead. israeli warships intercepted boats headed towards gaza. they were carrying supplies in defiance of an israeli blockade of the territory. shots were fired. ambassadors have been called in by the european union and turkey, who had many of their own citizens on the boat. let's get the latest from richard. >> israeli commandos stormed of the flotilla, some descending from helicopters. these pictures from turkish television show the soldiers fighting with activists. the israeli military says the
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guns, knives, and clubs were used. the captain of one of the ships is heard calling for calm as dozens are treated for their injuries. most people on board were turkish. the blockade -- a convoy was attending to break the current -- break the blockade of the gaza strip. they had been warned that they would not be able to approach, claiming that there were links with terrorists. >> on board the ship we found weapons prepared in advance. the intent of the organizers was violent. their method was violent. the results were, unfortunately, violent. >> the organizers have denied
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that they use and violence. >> this was the human rights as well as humanitarian mission. if there would be a confrontation we never in our imagination thought it would be violent. i personally gave training to everyone on non-violent resistance. >> israel is now pulling the ship into a detention center. the eight will now be allowed -- allowed into gaza by road. turkey has strongly condemned the israeli action. >> this was totally unacceptable. something that no one expected. something that shows that there is no respect for international law. therefore that is why we have taken serious action here, trying to get as much information as possible. >> in the aftermath of the
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attack turkey has recalled its ambassador from tel aviv. >> israelis were hoping to divert the flotilla that they intercepted. our correspondent is there. what are many israelis saying about this? >> interesting to say that there's a big protest of ordinary israelis here, very much backing the actions of their government. senior members of the defense ministry have gone on to justify their actions. that is very much the israeli view. they are facing a barrage of international criticism for overreacting. we know that at least 10 of those protesters were killed, perhaps as many as 19. up to 30 people also injured.
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two of them seriously. the attacks last night came after groups of people were held and from turkey and greece, many nationals were aboard this so-called peace flotilla. the boats are now being brought into the gaza strip by the international israeli military. the aid on those boats will eventually be allowed in by road. but that is kind of an afterthought now. everyone is talking about why so many people were killed in the operation. the israeli spokespeople told me that when the commandos went on the boats they were met by a violent resistance, including gunfire. it is not clear what weapons, if any, those people had. there are some reports that
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israeli commandos and soldiers had guns taken off of them and were shot with those guns. >> israel has stopped boats from getting into gaza of four befor. what was different this time? >> many of the goods are not allowed in and israel maintains that there is no humanitarian crisis in gaza. in the past israel has allowed some boats in. they said they would have been prepared to allow these goods in, but they made it clear last night that they were not prepared to allow the boats in and that they would stop them if they had to. there was a plan but it has clearly gone wrong as so many
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people have died and been injured. >> thank you. going live to jerusalem, this is a very serious the dramatic crisis for israel, is it not? >> yes, it is. you heard the critics. unfortunately some people have been quicker criticizing get the full information. we have reported all of the ambassadors to the foreign ministry today to get all the information that we had. some countries did not wait for the briefing and information to be passed on and have already criticized us. sometimes people prejudge by what they see on television. when police stop rioters and never looks good on television, but you have to stop them despite the prized off. >> what ever happened on board,
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was that not naive to believe that this could be conducted without turning violent? there were hundreds of people on the boat. >> the major organizers were at islamist group tied to terror. the major mistake was to believe those who said they would only use nonviolent methods. obviously, and you could see it on footage on turkish television, the soldiers were attacked violently as soon as they came on board and they were fired at. their lives were in danger and they had to respond. this is most unfortunate and very regrettable. we offered them options to do this otherwise, by peaceful means.
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they chose not to coordinate with the authorities. >> the trouble is that to the outside this looks to have been poorly planned. how could they few commandos defend themselves against hundreds if they were turned against? clearly there would be violence. >> i understand your question but obviously i cannot go into operation details before the operation is completely over. and this is too early to respond on the tactical aspects of the operation. images and footage are all there. you can see how the soldiers were attacked violently. it is clear to see that on the footage. only when their lives were in danger did they respond. >> obviously we have heard the outcry against israel and the minister is saying that they
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will call the meeting. where does this leave the peace process? >> we have heard some of the usual comments from the usual suspects, such as the arab league and syria. what is more worrying is the reaction and response from countries more committed to the process. in the end for a peace process to prosper no one should dictate to anyone else. it is in everyone's best interest. i think that we should turn the page. this incident is, unfortunately, what hamas wanted and what they've provoked. you have played into their hands. as i said, when rioting comes your way, what can you do? but you cannot just let them riot because if you send the police it will look bad.
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and so it does not look good on television, but you do not have the choice. you have to stop the rioters. the peace process is in everyone's best interest. i think that a responsible government committed to the peace process should be able to stop it. >> we have also been speaking to the legal coordinator for the free gaza movement, the organizer of the boats. what about this claim that the people on the boat attack israel with live fire? >> there was no evidence of this. i heard about possible sharp objects that people resisted with. -that is no reason to use machine guns.
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>> are you absolutely certain that there were no weapons on board the ship? >> i cannot say that i am absolutely certain. i would bet that there were not. although i can tell you is that it would not have been filled with civilians, women and a baby, if there was any expectation that there was going to be a violent confrontation. personally, through legal training to people, we discussed that there would be nonviolent resistance to boarding by israel. people were prepared to block the wheel house physically. linking arms. people were prepared to block the engine room to prevent israel from taking over. but there was not going to be any violence. the only violence that there was was initiated by israel. >> this was always going to be risky venture, you said you would not allow millions on
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board if you thought this would happen, but there was always going to be some kind of confrontation. >> and we were prepared for that. we were not prepared for a military attack on civilian votes. >> we will have more on this ongoing story throughout the program. stay tuned for that. more on the website, /news. over to david for the rest of the day's headlines. >> bp has tried -- is going to try yet another high risk plan on the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil will continue to pollute the sea as frantic attempts continue to stop the spill. the president's senior environmental advisers say it is the worst such disaster to hit the united states. from washington, our
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correspondent gene o'brien. >> it is possible that 40 million gallons of oil have now contaminated the gulf coast and there is no way to know how much more is on the way. the worst case scenario is being openly dick -- openly discussed. august before the leak can be stopped. >> we are doing everything that we can to contain the oil in return people's lives to normal. >> following its failed attempt to plug the leak, bp will try to place a dome over the pipe to collect the oil and pump it to a storage shed. a technique they have already tried and although engineers say they have learned lessons from the previous attempt, lawmakers in washington have lost patience. >> their focus was not on the livability of the gulf, it was
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also liability of bp. as a result they had a stake in low wall and the number from the beginning in terms of the amount of oil going out into the gulf. >> you think that they lied? >> or that they were incompetent. >> meanwhile there is another looming threat. tuesday marks the official start of the atlantic hurricane season. high winds could push the oil further inland. some experts are predicting activity to rise in 2005. -- rise higher than activity in 2005. >> scientists in america said they have discovered a vaccine that can prevent breast cancer in mice. the vaccine could be given to all women over 40. it is also thought that they could help the women who have already contracted breast
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cancer. >> these researchers are aiming to stop breast cancer in its tracks. they tested the vaccine on mice that were genetically cancer- prone. none of the mice developed breast cancer, all of the other ones did. lead researchers believe that this could be a monumental breakthrough. >> my ultimate hope is that when a woman reaches the age of 40 they would go to their position -- physician in get their breast cancer vaccine, the way did you get your herpes vaccine. it should be part of a normal, healthy blacks and asian protocol. >> now being sought for human trials, it could still be 10 years before a vaccine is widely available. breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the u.k. and
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kills 12,000 women every year. this is an early stage study that could have important implications for dealing with the disease in the future ibut they said it was important for clinical -- clinical trials to test for safety in humans. >> monitors in georgia have spoken of significant shortcomings in elections. seen as a test in their ability to hold a fair vote, they said that cases of stuffing and other issues that favored the party abounded. using the army to crush protesters in bangkok. 90 people were killed and many died when soldiers moved into the fortified camp of the protesters. the government troops came under
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attack from a rebel militias. madrid has unveiled [unintelligible] as their new coat. -- coach. he has come from inter milan. back to you, john. >> thank you very much, indeed. breaking news as we get on top of this unfolding story, the events in israel. we have had a reaction from the british foreign secretary who says that he deplores the loss of life and has been in an urgent contact with the israeli government. at the same time, declaring international lack of restraint on the part of israel, saying
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that the news underlies the need to restrict -- to remove the restrictions on access to gaza. we have also had breaking news out of cairo. egypt has become the first arab state to sign a treaty with israel since the blockade. more on all of this coming up, we will be hearing why turkey is reacting to the interception with possible irreparable consequences to relations. a somber ceremony is being held in mexico as war heroes were exhumed. the crips were opened to mark the 200 years since the start of
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their war of independence from spain. >> beneath the the wings of mexico city's towering angel of independence monument, hearts and drums. the fighters were killed during the revolt against spain in the 1800's. the skulls and bones have rested under the monument since 1925 but have been removed so that they can be studied. the most famous of the fighters is immortalized in stone but historians have long questioned the identity of the other men. the mexican government has agreed to let anthropologist's examine the body to determine their identity to make sure that they can receive belated recognition.
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>> today we pay tribute to them that decided to sacrifice their lives so that mexicans could have liberty, independents, a homeland, and our sovereign soil. >> with the greatest of care the soldiers carried the boxes carrying the remind -- the remains to a convoy of vehicles. the homage to the past making way for the current government. >> we are recognizing the work that was done in part both for our independence and the revolution to promote the civil culture of this country and its citizens. >> mexicans will be able to see the remains of close in august. >> this is "gmt" from "bbc world
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news." trying to break the gaza blockade, turkish boats in a flotilla were attacked by israeli troops, 19 were killed. let's speak to the deputy undersecretary from the turkish foreign my -- foreign ministry. what you mean by irreparable rep precautions? >> this is something that was definitely not wanted. is unprovoked action. this is against the mission of humanitarian assistance and international law. this happens in high waters. people have been hurt, people have been killed, something that is totally unacceptable.
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right now we have called an emergency session of the security council. we have recalled our ambassador from israel. and >> you say that it was unprovoked, but of course israel will say that they were only defending their territory, trying to stop a boat from getting through the blockade they have imposed. >> 17 miles away? the blockade is 20 miles. this is that high seas. if they want to prevent something, there are many ways to do it peacefully. you do not send a military helicopter to an armed vessel and the board it. >> the israelis are of course saying that they did not start the violence, but it was that their troops were attacked. >> this is the high seas, what do you expect them to do?
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of course, these people had no arms. the israeli military is fully armed. >> turkish politicians have been backing the flotilla recently in recent days, how does that fit with what the british secretary has been saying about stopping the uprise bello was it not naive to believe -- uprise? was it not naive to leave that this could unfold peacefully? >> first of all, this was unsupported by the government. we simply tried to inform those people that such things could happen. they want to create awareness of what was going on in gaza. all of the information was there. as i told you, fifth could have taken much more peaceful measures to prevent this from
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happening. >> briefly, the israelis are saying that before you jump in to condemn them. >> the attack was done in international waters. we're trying to find out what else happened. people were killed. we would like to know what happened and we still do not have information on this. >> thank you so much for joining us from the turkish foreign ministry. the israeli foreign ministry spokesman has called this a serious diplomatic crisis. there will be reports of other countries to find out what happened. that is that for this additional "gmt." stay with us right here on "bbc world news." >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online.
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